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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Solano Hair Dryer Review - Reliable, Durable And Affordable

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It is common knowledge that looking good is serious business. Although there are various things that needs to be considered in order to look good from head to toe, the look of your hair is also very important. Many women have no problem picking the right clothes for themselves but picking the best hair dryer has always been something many women have issues with. If you are looking for that hair dryer that will give you that perfect look even when you do not have the time to go a salon, then the solano hair dryer is for you. The solano hair dryer will not only dry your hair, it will also help in getting rid of frizz causing infections. With this brand of hair dryer, you can be sure that your hair will be given a shinny and smooth look.

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The hair dryer stands tall among the other high class hair dryers such as babylisss, chi, Elchim, Parlux and the likes. The solano brand of hair dryers have been featured as the "best blow dryer" in different fashion and style magazines. What this means is that when you buy any of the solano hair dryer ( their are models such as super solano, solano professional 2001, solano elite and the likes ), you are buying a product that is widely accepted by both individual users and professional salon owners.

The great design of the product and the numerous features inco-operated are certain to serve you with every use. The dryer comes in a stylish shiny casing which contains a 1875 watt motor. The product comes in both red and black color which gives you the opportunity to choose the color that meets your taste. The dryer comes with nozzle attachments, the first is a fiberglass while the other is metallic and the product comes ergonomically designed handles that makes it easy for you to carry the dryer.

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Another thing that puts the solano hair dryer ahead of the other brands of hair dryers in the market is the fact that they all come with various settings that makes it possible for you to adjust both the temperature and air speed. The price of the product is another thing to note is the price of the dryer. It is obviously not the cheapest dryer in the market but not the most expensive as well. Durability is another thing that makes the solano hair dryer the dryer of choice of many professional salon owners and individuals alike.

Click Here To Buy Solano Hair Dryers Via Amazon

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  1. thank you for the information, although I prefer the Karmin Salon Pro Professional Hair Dryer which works really good and keeps my hair smooth , shiny and with volume. :D